Dogue De Bordeaux

Dogue De Bordeaux Training

Dogue De Bordeauxs are very intelligent dogs although they may not look it sometimes when you pitch them against different breeds. You will notice when giving a Dogue a command such as sit or stay, they will think about it to see what they are going to get out of it before doing the command. They know exactly what you are saying, but they want to try and be one step ahead.

Although the Dogue is a very clever dog, this doesn't make them the easiest breed to train and you would need to be very strong willed and certainly let them know who is boss from the very start!

If you do socialise your Dogue De Bordeaux with both other dogs and humans then you will develop a life long bond with a dog that would do anything to make you happy and protect you, don't be surprised when they have their stubborn moments though!

Toilet / House Training

When you start to house train your Dogue De Bordeaux it is important to start by building the routine around your dog and when they are very young they can't hold it in for too long! It is worth investing in a pack of Training Pads

To start with you will find that your Dogue will want to go to the toilet literally every hour so you need to be ready to act when they are ready, take them out into the garden every hour or so and repeat cue words like 'wee wees' and 'poo poos' so eventually they will associate this with doing their business. Once they have finished outside, reward them with a treat

We suggest using Toilet Training Bells which attach to your dog's collar so you can hear their movements and so you know whether they are waiting by the door for you.