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Watch these Mini Schnauzer and Chihuahua Puppies Play For The Camera!

default Watch these Mini Schnauzer and Chihuahua Puppies Play For The Camera!

This miniature schnauzer puppy plays with this chihuahua puppy at the International Kennel Club with little regard to the camera in front of them. Check out our available puppies for sale at International Kennel Club in East Meadow. We have some rare breeds including dogue de bordeaux (french mastiff), australian shepherd and shar-pei puppies! Other featured puppies include: yorkie, maltese, bulldog, puggle, cockapoo, goldendoodle, labrador, lhasa apso, shih tzu, pomeranian, husky, morkie, maltipoo and peagle puppies. Visit our website for more information and for more pics of available puppies. Enjoy!

by hunter~

Cane Corso or Beorboel – Which of these do you prefer and why?

dogue de bordeaux
by xenne

Question by Witters, Man That Can!: Cane Corso or Beorboel – Which of these do you prefer and why?
Okay I already have an Akita and Dogue de Bordeaux x Rottie. My next dog would be either a Cane Corso or Beorboel dog. I cannot make up my mind which I prefer the most. They are both very interesting breeds and in some ways very similar. Which would you have out of the two and why? What do you know about these breeds? * please don’t answer the question with will the dogs get along etc. Don’t need to hear about same sex dogs not getting along etc. Just want to know which of the two breeds you would get and why. Thank you in advance.

Best answer:

Answer by petcompanion
I’d get a Boerboel! I have three of them now and grew up surrounded by them back in South Africa. I’ve heard a lot of negative comments about Cane Corso’s turning on their owners at some point or being very reclusive. Boerboels are quite the opposite. They are very loyal with natural guarding instincts. They do just as well hiking as they do working on a farm. The only time you’ll hear them bark is to alert you to a stranger. Good luck with your decision.

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of these breeds which would you recommend?

dogue de bordeaux
by Douglas Brown

Question by Atlas: of these breeds which would you recommend?
neopolitan mastiff
akita (considering but wants to see about another breed)
ibizan hound (smooth)
bernese mountain dog
greater swiss mountain dog
Dogue de Bordeaux
Pharaoh Hound
St bernard (smooth)
english mastiff
dogo argentino

the person that is considering another dog in 3-4 years has these on a list. also owns an american akita (greater Japanese dog) he is a very laid back dog not extremely vocal and only sheds twice a year.

the person wants a dog that is:
not extremely vocal
working or hound group
not an extremely hyper breed (can handle the activity level of an akita and has handled rotts and malamutes)
goes on 2 hour walks daily so a dog that wont have trouble with that (some breeds with respiratory problems have trouble with long walks)
not a heavy shedding breed.

lives on wide pieced of land in Texas where it is HOT and there are cactus and such.
willing to groom a dog twice a week.

breed should be known for being calm and tolerant (thats just what this person likes)

which of these breeds fit and you would recommend?
A R:
1. that show is only partially correct on the best occasions

2. they do not have alot of the breeds mentioned in there vids
not remotely interested in the border collie please look at the breeds listed!
dog will be a show dog thus shelter not an option also wants a tested dog.

Best answer:

Answer by Lilac41
The Pharoah Hound seems to be the right dog. Good luck!

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